1. What is the will of God?
  2. Does God overlook homosexuality or has no problem with it?
  3. What is the water so often referenced in the bible”?
  4. Is christmas really in Honour of Jesus? It is infact 400 years older than Jesus on earth.
  5. What is used for sanctification?
  6. Who are the Saints of God?
  7. What nationality were the biblical prophets and dominant characters?
  8. Song of Solomon 1:5
  9. What is the word of God?
  10. What does Egypt means in the scriptures?
  11. How do we love God?
  12. Is God a spirit?
  13. Did Jesus end the Law?
  14. What is the Holy Ghost?
  15. Who are called by God?
  16. Will I be saved as long as I believe?
  17. Some say God is love and he hates no one. Is that True?
  18. Was the Bible really written by men?
  19. Should Israelite women (Descendants of the Slave Trades) wear pants?

More to be added