My name is Mordecai Amon Israel, creator of ebrewzryze, a Jamaican who publishes articles/ideas about The Almighty, interpretation of the holy scriptures and random local or international happenings from which I think spiritual sustenance can be derived. I rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance when I have something to share or write about and pray for God’s help right throughout my writing process.
I am not a professional writer, neither have I studied the literary arts or anything of the sort. I just know that God is real, and that my kinsmen are a subset of the children of Israel who were dispersed across the world through the transatlantic slave trade.
My greatest desire is that someone will read something on this blog that will have a positive impact on their relationship with the Almighty Yahuwah or just to inspire some form of intrinsic change. I do not know everything so please readers, leave your comments. You never know who your words will help. Also! Please hit the share button and share it on your timeline so another person can read and possibly make a contribution, by commenting.