I have just completed a day of fasting in which I sought the Lord for deeper connection with him, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

If you have been following this blog for a while it would become clear that my mission and presence here is to enlighten the Israelites scattered across the world;

  • Blacks – Tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi – Southern kingdom of Israel
  • Mexicans – Tribe of Issachar
  • Dominicans – Tribe of Simeon
  • Native Americans – Tribe of Gad
  • Puerto Ricans – Tribe of Ephraim
  • Guatemalans to Panamanians –  Tribe of Zebulon
  • Cubans – Tribe of Manasseh
  • Seminole Indians – Tribe of Reuben
  • Chileans and Argentinians – Tribe of Naphtali
  • Uruguayans and Columbians – Tribe of Asher  

During my devotion the Most High led me to Job 36:1-33, where the young man Elihu was about to testify of the goodness of God to Job and his friends – all elders.

V3. He said he ascribe all righteousness unto his maker. When you think about it, the Most High is righteousness at its highest. He gave us his laws which are the instruments of measurement for righteousness as shown in Deuteronomy 6:25, Luke 1:6 and Leviticus 19:1-2.

V4. If we become righteous through practicing the laws of God, the holder of all wisdom and knowledge, our words and testimonies will not be false.

V5. He said God does not despise anyone, referring to anyone of Israel only. God loves Israel only and of Israel he only hates our sins. Malachi 1:3 and Romans 9:13, Hosea 9:15. Gilgal was a place where the Israelites camped.

V6. We may see the wicked and they seem to prosper, but while you endure your struggles take courage in the fact that God does not preserve the life of the wicked. Proverbs 11:7 shows this is not the fleshly/earthly life but the life to be had when Christ returns.

V7. He does not take his eyes off the righteous but exalts them to great places. You will find that when you avoid sin and walk in the ways of the Lord that your environment changes. Everything around you favours you! Good reports, promotions, respect and high regards and everything you are apart of turns into success. At times you will be tested, just like Job was, but your reward will always be great things.

V8&9. These two verses help to reveal who we are today and give the reason we are the least among all nations. We are here, in our predicaments, because we broke the commandments of God and have gone chasing after the customs of the other nations, who we already know will not be inheriting the promise of God.

V10. God will make a way for us to either hear his words or see them and unlike the many years we have heard preachers preach, we will actually hear them and know that God wants us to return from our iniquities.

V11&12. If we obey God and walk in his ordinances we shall spend our days in prosperity and our years in pleasures when Jesus returns and establish his Kingdom here on earth (Revelations 21:1-27). Those who obey not, shall die without knowledge of who they were by the sword (Revelation 19:15).

We may try to convince ourselves that it will not matter in the end probably because we think we will not remember our lives but we will very much be cognizant of everything that will be happening, and we will still be able to see the people we ridiculed go into the kingdom while we will cast into eternal suffering. Grace was made available through Jesus so we will not have to die, use that grace to return to the keeping of God’s laws.


Mordecai Amon Israel

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