Psalms 23

Jesus is the good shepherd who always provides for me and obliterates my wants. As long as I stay under His leadership and within the perimeter of His graze-worthy pastures, I shall always be blessed and have peace in all my doings.

I won’t ever feel spiritually drained or perturbed because I am made righteous through the keeping of His commandments, that He may be glorified through my lifestyle.
Though I traverse perilous terrains and face atrocities daily, I will fear nothing but the power of the lord. He is always with me giving me comfort through His Staff of guidance and His Rod of protection.

He provides for me in clear sight and reach of those who work tirelessly to destroy me daily. He consecrates my mind with the Holy Spirit and bestows on me more of all good things than I need. Certainly! Goodness and mercy will be my everlasting portion and I will Cleve to the house the Lord all the days of my life.

Mordecai Amon Israel

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  1. Indeed! When I think of Jesus and all that he has done and has brought me through, I am in awe that someone so gentle, meek and mild holds so much power. This is a great devotional. He protects us in the valley and raises us up! Great entry!


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