Almighty Elohim, Yahweh, Great God of Israel.

How priceless is your unfailing love and mercy towards Israel! You have fearfully and wonderfully created us and have ordained all our days, and have written them in your great book, even before we were born. All praises, honour, and glory belong to You, our immortal God. You are awesome and blameless in all Your ways; holy, righteous and just.

We praise You because You have created a path back to Your kingdom for us through Jesus Christ.  We come before You today to humble ourselves before You and submit to Your will for our lives. Because of You, Father, surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives. We are deeply sorry for allowing our hearts to be led astray by our own desires and the things of this world, and for transgressing Your  Holy Laws. You said in Deuteronomy 6:25 that “it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all Your commandments. Although we have been disobedient and our sinfulness deserves punishment, You forgave and pardon those who humble themselves before You. Where judgment is warranted, You give mercy.

Forgive us Lord and be merciful to us. Soften our hearts to be tender towards You, to seek your face and to long for your presence in our lives. Let us be devoted to living out Your will on earth, to be more concerned with storing up treasures in Heaven rather than here on earth. Lead us, Heavenly Father, in the way we should go and let our feet run swiftly to follow after You.

You know all mysteries and You are the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Your people have lost their identity after being lead away captives out of Jerusalem, but right here in the land of our Captivities – and in these last days – You brought back to our memories knowledge of Your kingdom and the promises You made to our forefathers. Thank you for the fulfillment of your words in Zechariah 10:9 that we will remeber and return to You.

Thank You for hearing us when we pray and for giving us understanding when we ask . We give You thanks for sending Your words and entrusting us with Your truth. I pray that every day You will continue to reveal the true knowledge of Your mystery to Your people through Your words, that we may be able to teach them to our brothers and sisters.

Lead us in the way of Your righteousness. Help us to walk in Your obedience so that we may live a life pleasing to You, the way You were pleased with the life of Your servant Job, and that our lives like bait, will attract souls to Your kingdom. Strengthen us to fix our eyes on Your son,Jesus, and to meditate on Your words daily. Let Your words equip us to follow His example in resisting temptation. Deliver us, Father, from the schemes of the evil one, for You know how to rescue Your godly ones. Help us to take refuge in the shadow of Your wings and to escape every temptation throught the power of Your Holy Spirit that dwels within us.

Thank You for being patient and for not withholding Your love from us. You are exalted high above all and worthy to be praised. We thank You for hearing and harkening to our prayer dear lord. Receive our prayer through Your son Jesus Christ. We give You Thanks and Praise.


Mordecai Amon Israel

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