Contending for the Faith

Reading Jude 1 in full

Jude encouraged his Hebrew brethren to contend for the faith which was once delivered to the chosen people of God. Even if you were not a dedicated reader of the bible, you have at least heard of how faithful men like; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses were, and the great things that were manifested through their faith.

Now notice the word contend: – meaning to assert or maintain earnestly. This means we have to put effort into maintaining the faith that our Hebrew ancestors had in God. Jude further warned that certain individuals who were condemned from the get go (Ezekiel 25:14 and Obadiah 1:1-4) would secretly slip themselves in among us. They are ungodly people who were never the heirs to God’s kingdom. They have planted themselves in positions of power and influence, and work behind the scenes to normalize the things that go against the laws of God – namely the commandments and statutes.

When you look at how our Hebrew brothers and sisters are portrayed in music videos, and in movies, or even those random clips on social media that cause your stomach to churn like a washing machine on it’s spin cycle. Dont you see the narrative being pushed? From the early days of our captivity we were forced to perform for the masters – giving birth to a song like “by the rivers of Babylon”. The only difference today is that they give a select few riches for their performances, but through soul-selling contracts, ensures that these performances-and lifestyles- glorify sin.

Jude said they would turn the grace of God into lasciviousness, and we are going to analyze:

Grace of God is the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation.
Lasciviousness means inclined to lustfulness, arousing sexual desire or indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or obscene indecency.

Do you get the picture of what the enemy wants to do to God’s chosen people?

Jude went as far as to remind us that even though God went to great lengths to free our ancestors from Egypt, he did not hesitate to destroy over 3,000 of them when they began to show disbelief and disobedience in the wilderness (Exodus 32:28). He even referenced the 200 angels Enoch spoke of who left the heavens and slept with women and how God chained them and bound them here on earth, as a means to show us how God deals with sin (Gen 6 and Enoch 7:1-10)

Have you stopped for a second to note the heritage of the people who owns and dominates our music, film, media and financial industries? Search no further than the Redchilds, changed to Rothschild and now to Redstone. That name is associated with the stealing of our heritage, though it had to happen owing to prophecies.

Jude warned us that the powers that be would normalize sin. He begged us to watch out for these things, and to protect our souls by contending the elements and powers thus, preserving our faith.

· They have created a religion using our covenant with God – the commandments, but to keep us in constant breach of the covenant they made the day of worship a Sunday. Sunday got its name owing to the fact that ancient Romans thought it was appropriate to worship the sun on the first day of the week. But they have somehow spun theories that slightly align with Hebrews teachings and traditions, so much so, that most of our people neglected the Sabbath and chose Sun-day worshipping of the sun god Ra.

They recruit some of our own and elevate them to the status of Celebrities for us to emulate them, an act that binds us in sin. You know this is true! As soon as a celebrity speaks the truth they are dragged from fame and are relegated to the corners of shame and financial hardships.

They use science to try and discredit all biblical phenomenon. Do you think it is by chance that God allowed them to find the ark, or the skulls of the Nephilim giants- though still a bit hush-hush?
Blacks, hispanics and native American folks who are descendants of the transatlantic slave trade, this message is for you.

Roan A.O. Ennis

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