Carona Virus – Economic Weapon

When I first heard of the carona virus, its origin and all the little details I was able to gather from a myriad of news sources, I said to my partner, “don’t be surprised if later we find out that China made this virus to test the world’s economic stability”.

Let us flesh this out together! China knew about this virus from late November 2019 and since, shut up the man who warned people about it; ordered labs to stop studying the virus and shutting down distribution of information relating to the virus. To me, that was just a delay strategy to allow the virus to hit counties with vulnerable economies.

We move along a little bit farther to where people in the area of the outbreak started dying in convincing numbers. Numbers that would convince the world that China would not do this to their own people in an effort to assert economic dominance. Small people around the world like myself do think about things like these, where China has people stationed in every country in the world. They study the governments of each of these countries and see where they are economically vulnerable and in a lot of cases, they make deals that very slowly – help the country, but benefits China a great deal. In some countries they have even taken ports and other parts of their lands owing to failure to repay loans to China.

We move now to a place where the creator of pandemic-allegidly- has contained the virus in their own testube, while the rest of the world gets plunged into sorrow, loss, despair and most of all! Economic turmoil – as governments overspend, businesses suffer , people die, and industries collapse. I am particularly hurt tonight when I see China sending home medical staff. Hurt mi bad.. especially since I have this theory etched into my brain.

To all the victims – infected, people mourning loss as a result of carona virus and people struggling to remain carona-free, Follow the protocols your government has put in place. The measures benefit us all, even if you can’t see it right away. We are going to get on the good side of this virus and then we will see China again running to help wounded economies.

Roan A. O. Ennis

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