Thank You 

I was a bit discouraged Monday night, May 22, 2017, when I was notified by Facebook that allthingssex Facebook page was unpublished owing to reports of nudity. The only things I post there are the featured photo for each article, except Nudity Revaluation which had exposed breasts as its cover photo, so you can be the judge.

Nonetheless! I want to thank you all for your support, for those who shared an article, contribution, for those who commented, and for being a good sport, for those who just wanted to read . is celebrating one (1) month today since publishing it’s first post. Thank you all for making this such a fulfilling experience and I hope you all continue to share posts, especially if you liked it.

Here are some site stats.

Total site visits: 1734

Total post views: 2940

Comments: 51

Likes: 60

Shares: 84

Countries involved:

Thanks agian.

Roan A.O Ennis

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